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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Senate's Slumber Party

So it's come down to this: Republican senators holding an all-night session to discuss the possibility of ending the filibuster, all in an effort to confirm ten of President Bush's judicial nominees.

Ten. I guess they're the ten most important nominees ever in the history of the United States for the majority party to possibly change the rules so that the minority party cannot prevent judicial nominees they find unacceptable from being confirmed.

Republican mouth pieces like Sean Hannity claim Democrats as being "obstructionists," despite the fact that 172 district court judges have been confirmed, as well as 36 appeals court nominees.

It remains to be seen if both sides can work out some sort of deal to prevent the elimination of the filibuster.

It's funny, the right-wing pundits talk so much about Democrats wanting to grab power any way they can, yet Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is ready and willing to seize absolute power for his majority party. Without the filibuster, the minority party does not have enough votes to block any Republican legislation they might object to, which will effectively eliminate the two-party system since the minority party will have no power.

If Frist is successful in launching what he calls the "nuclear" option to eliminate the filibuster, I have to wonder what the impact will be in the coming years. There is always the possibility of another Democratic president and Democratic majority in the Senate. Which of course would render Republicans powerless. When it comes to politics, the players just don't seem to possess the insight to peer into the future and contemplate the consequences of their actions. And Bill First may find in a decade his decision to end the filibuster will come back to bite him in the ass.


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