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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Gold Star Mothers

The Gold Star Mothers is an organization with a membership requirement that no mother would want to put on the application: the loss of a son or daughter in battle. But there is comfort in numbers, and I'm sure a grieving mother would find solace in the company of other women who also lost a son or daughter in battle.

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Anthony Lagman was not a U.S. citizen when he joined the Marine Corps. Many foreign nationals volunteer to serve this country. For their service they are granted citizenship, but often times their family members, such as parents, do not have citizenship.

Staff Sgt. Lagman was killed last year in Afghanistan, in the ongoing battle to remove Taliban forces from that country.

His mother, Ligaya Lagman, had applied to the Gold Star Mothers. Her application was rejected because Ligaya Lagman is not a U.S. Citizen. Never mind that she has been a permanent resident for over 20 years and is a taxpayer. That's not good enough for the Gold Star Mothers, who say that their rules say only American citizens can join, and they're not about to change the rules for this mother, despite the loss of her son.

The group's national president, Ann Herd, said this on Thursday:

“There’s nothing we can do because that’s what our organization says: You have to be an American citizen...we can’t go changing the rules every time the wind blows.”

Such compassion from Ann Herd.

Mrs. Lagman should be allowed to join this group. If you'd like to have your point of view heard, you can send an e-mail to the Gold Star Mothers here. Let them know what you think of their treatment of a mother who will be spending this Memorial Day remembering the life of her young son, a man who, despite not being a citizen of this country, volunteered to defend it and gave his life to it.


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