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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stop the ACLU! And other great right-wing ideas

Conservatives cannot stand dissent. When President Bush gave his "you're either with us or against us in the war on terror" speech in 2001, right-wingers really took it to heart. Anyone who dared to speak out against the Bush administration was immediately labeled a traitor (not that conservatives understand the concept or legal definition of treason).

Take the case of the Dixie Chicks. Singer Natalie Maines had said at a London concert in 2003 that she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." And before you could say "book burning" country music stations across the nation removed the Dixie Chicks from their playlists. You know, because you cannot criticize the president! Except when he's a Democrat, of course.

Comedian Margaret Cho found herself on the receiving end of "compassionate conservatism" following a stand-up gig for Move On in Jan. 2004 when she received hundreds of e-mails from nut-job right-wingers outraged over her comments (a few minutes from her stand-up act) and her (the horror!) criticism of the Bush administration.

Jon Alvarez of the organization Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood has taken the concept of ostracizing anyone who speaks out against George W. Bush by organizing boycotts against anyone in the film/TV industries who dare to say anything critical of George W. Bush. Alvarez even has a petition up to have Michael Moore charged with treason. Really. I wrote a column about Alvarez last year to challenge his claim in the petition that Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 had resulted in the deaths of American troops. From the petition: "Director Michael Moore's film can only be seen as irresponsible, dangerous and thus a threat to our national security. How many more American captives will be executed as a result of Michael Moore's actions?"

The answer was none, according to a spokesman from the United States Central Command I had contacted.

If you can log onto Alvarez's site (he has blocked me from logging on as we have a bit of a...history) and take a look at the message boards, you'll find the surreal list of celebrities to boycott, which must be in the thousands by now. At the rate people are added to the list (as well as the distributors of movies starring the boycotted actors and the theater chains the movies are shown at), before long Alvarez's robots will not be able to ever see any movie, since at some point the boycotted actors/directors will invariably make a movie with an actor/director on the "good celebrity" list.

And now we have a grassroots movement to stop the ACLU. Lots of blogs and web sites out there really wanting ACLU not only stopped, but put out of business. Because, you know, the ACLU really stands for the Anti-Christian Liberties Union. They're a threat to America! It's just nuts. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about the efforts to stop the ACLU, but the question I would ask is this: how many court cases has the ACLU won, and how many have they lost? That would seem to be an important consideration. If they are losing cases, that means they are not completely successful in advancing their "radical" agenda. Here's a funny bit from the group I linked to above:

See how your Congressmen and senators "stack up" to the ACLU's wacko agenda!

Which 18 Congressmen have 100% records with the ACLU?
Which 5 Senators voted with the ACLU every time except on the date rape drug Raves? (heck, no senator was with the ACLU on this one, not even Hilary or Old Ted)
Which 25 Congressmen supported the ACLU's position on Raves?
Which 72 Congressmen agreed with the ACLU on the death penalty
Which lawmakers sided with the ACLU's radical pro-abortion positions?
Who backed the ACLU in support of flag desecration?

Let's look at some of those numbers. Now, 18 members of Congress out of 435 is a very small percentage, only .04%. Five senators out of 100 is only .05%. You can see that the members of Congress in complete support of the ACLU's "agenda" is very, very small, as to almost be insignificant.

The ACLU has every right to do what they do. That's hard for conservatives to swallow, but it's true. They are not breaking any laws. And not every court rules in favor of the ACLU. Is there really a reason to stop them?

Conservatives have taken what should be constructive debate and instead have created an atmosphere of intimidation for anyone in opposition of their ideals. Conservatives like to say that liberals hate America. But they're wrong.

They hate America.


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