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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sleep Would Be Nice

Insomnia is frustrating on so many levels, but what really sucks is "the wait." My fellow insomniacs, you know what "the wait" is: waiting for the hour that (hopefully) finally comes when you actually get sleepy. For me, that was 4:00 this morning. Usually I'm asleep by 3:00 (and, one amazing night a week ago, at 1:30 a.m.) and I wake up by 11:00 a.m., and it's off to school for my daily dose of liberal indoctrination. You know, because all colleges try to brainwash students into believing the liberal ideology.

One piece of good news today: the announcement of possible troop withdrawal from Iraq, perhaps as early as next year. Senior military officials say the U.S. force level in Iraq might be reduced from 142,000 to 105,000. No firm word yet from the Bush administration, though, and factors to affect troop withdrawal include how quickly Iraqi police and military can be trained to take over from U.S. and coalition forces. In an interview with CNN two weeks ago, Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., the top commander in Iraq, said that, if all goes well, "we should be able to take some fairly substantial reductions in the size of our forces" by this time next year.

I've already seen on some of the right-wing message boards that liberals will supposedly be upset by this news, which just goes to show how crazy those people are. I'm wondering if over the next few days the usual suspects (Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh) will comment on how liberals suddenly do not want troops to come home from Iraq. I guess the thinking must be that if the troops come home, Bush's policy in Iraq was a success, and liberals cannot stand for Bush to have a successful foreign policy. Which is asinine. Troops coming home is a good thing.

One last thing: gas prices. Getting higher. The average is $2.28 a gallon; this week will be the fourth week in a row that gas prices have increased. And it's usually in times like these that the politicians come out to blame the crisis on the president. Now, let us go back in time to...

Those Wacky High Gas Prices in 2000!

Yes, gas prices were high in 2000, and Republican members of Congress hit the media to bitch about it.

Rep. Terry Everett, Republican, Alabama:

Clinton "Napping" While Americans Assaulted With High Gas Prices
March 17, 2000

"The Clinton Administration has failed in its duty to develop a policy to deal with our national energy supply and is therefore directly accountable for the higher prices Americans are now paying at the gas pumps," Congressman Terry Everett, R-Enterprise, said (on March 17). "...only the Administration has the power to order our ambassadors to get tough with the oil producing nations. Many Americans find it offensive that some of these same OPEC member nations, for which American troops shed blood during the Gulf War, are now involved in an oil price setting scam while the Administration just shrugs its shoulders."

Rep. Dennis Hastert
From CNN, July 14, 2000

"House Speaker Dennis Hastert accused the Clinton administration Friday of misleading members of Congress about the causes of skyrocketing gas prices in the Midwest...Hastert set the stage for a heated political joust in a tersely worded memo to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Carol Browner, whom he accused of misleading 30 members of Congress during a June 15 meeting."

Larry Kudlow, The National Review
March 28, 2000

"The Clinton-Gore administration’s hapless and incoherent management of foreign policy is nowhere as evident as in their bungling on OPEC’s oil-price hike. Energy secretary Bill Richardson’s tin-cup diplomacy — Tom DeLay’s apt phrase for his pleading to our so-called Persian Gulf allies to increase production and reduce prices — is unseemly and inappropriate for the world’s only superpower."

UPI, March 13, 2000
Republicans Use High Gas Prices Against Democrats

"With gas prices at their highest level in nearly a decade, Republicans have begun using them to fuel political attacks against the Clinton administration and against Democratic presidential front-runner Vice President Gore.

The average price of a gallon of gas at stations across the country this week rose to roughly $1.50, including taxes, according to statistics from the Department of Energy. The department predicted a further 30 cent price hike through the summer; some analysts have predicted $2 per gallon prices by Memorial Day. This time last year the average price of a gallon of gas was just over $1.

'The price of oil is clearly getting some attention, as it should,' Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Ark., said at a GOP press conference Wednesday. 'This is going to be a big issue in the political campaigns because this country is in a period now of coming to the reality that we're getting hit all over.'

Murkowski and fellow Senate Republicans blamed the Clinton administration for a bungled energy policy that left U.S. oil supplies at the mercy of international markets and made matters worse in 1993 with a 4 cent per gallon gas tax, approved in Congress with a tie-breaker vote by Gore."

I think it's to be assumed these same Republicans and conservatives will not be as vocal nor blame George W. Bush about high gas prices now. When in doubt, blame Clinton!


Anonymous Jumba said...

$2 a gallon (US). Here in the UK, at 80p oer litre and GBP at $1.80, my calculation indicates that gas prices are about $5.80 per gallon.

12:43 AM  

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