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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush to POWs: Too bad, So sad

Not surprisingly, the Supreme Court earlier this week refused to take the case of a group of 17 Desert Storm veterans who had been held (and some tortured) as POWs in 1991 (some even held at Abu Ghraib prison) and, due to a 1996 law that allowed victims of torture at the hands of nations that sponsor terrorism, won a judgment against Iraq in 2002 nearing $1 billion dollars.

In 2003, the Bush administration decided that the mighty dollar was more important than the suffering of men who had served their country in combat and appealed the case on the grounds that Iraq no longer was a state sponsor of terrorism, so fuck you very much, veterans. The money my fellow Gulf War vets had been awarded needed to be spent in Iraq. So much for Iraqi oil paying for Iraq's reconstruction.

Unlike the Terri Schiavo case, it seems no one in Congress was there to stand up for the POWs and plead their case. Where were the chicken hawk right-wingers who love the military so much? The Tom DeLays, the Bill Frists, demanding justice for the 17 POWs and their families?Not so much as a peep anywhere. No late-night deals to attempt to change the outcome of the case, no photo-ops sound-bites to express outrage over the decisions of the courts. Nothing. It just goes to show that the Bush administration really does not value the sacrifice of the men and women who have served their country honorably. Being tortured apparently is just part of the job in serving your country.


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