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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Musings

I'm as guilty as anyone as far as covering the Terri Schiavo case, and in doing so let slide through the cracks news items that were not reported during the past week. Bear with me for one more item, because it's pretty significant.

From the Knight Ridder Newspapers, March 25

Fla. Officials Attempt, Fail To Seize Schiavo

"Hours after a judge ordered that Terri Schiavo wasn't to be removed from her hospice, a team of Florida law enforcement agents were en route to seize her and have her feeding tube reinserted - but they stopped short when local police told them they would enforce the judge's order, The Miami Herald has learned. Agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told police in Pinellas Park, the small town where Schiavo lies at Hospice Woodside, that they were on the way to take her to a hospital to resume her the end, the state agents and the Department of Children and Families backed down, apparently concerned about confronting local police outside the hospice."

So, it appears that Jeb Bush was ready to take the law into his own hands, despite all of the court rulings, from the United States Supreme Court on down, that the feeding tube could not be reinserted.

Now, back to one underreported item from last week: this piece from the March 20 Washington Post, about the United States misleading allies about North Korea exporting nuclear materials.

(Registration is required to view Washington Post stories; you can read the same piece at MSNBC).

Quoting from the article:

"In an effort to increase pressure on North Korea, the Bush administration told its Asian allies in briefings earlier this year that Pyongyang had exported nuclear material to Libya. That was a significant new charge, the first allegation that North Korea was helping to create a new nuclear weapons state.

But that is not what U.S. intelligence reported, according to two officials with detailed knowledge of the transaction. North Korea, according to the intelligence, had supplied uranium hexafluoride -- which can be enriched to weapons-grade uranium -- to Pakistan. It was Pakistan, a key U.S. ally with its own nuclear arsenal, that sold the material to Libya. The U.S. government had no evidence, the officials said, that North Korea knew of the second transaction."

Considering that North Korea is an "axis of evil" country, reporting that the North Korean government had sold nuclear materials to Libya could be one piece of an argument to take action against North Korea, to prevent them from arming terrorists.

Does the Bush administration really need to continue misleading the world community? How are we going to restore our credibility when it is already strained due to the whole Iraq WMD FUBAR?

It's just business as usual for the Bush administration. At least they are consistent liars.

Moving on to another bit of news that, hopefully, will be blasted across the media and blogosphere:

Bush Hits A New Low In Polls for Job Approval

The latest Gallup poll has Bush's approval rating at 45%, an all-time low. So much for all of that political capital you received from the voters. It seems people are not happy with Mr. Bush for his involvement in the Terri Schiavo case, as well as not doing more to help stall rapidly rising gas prices.

Also, national polls show a majority of Americans -- between 70 to 82%, depending on the poll -- disapproved of Bush and the Republican congress for intervening in the Terri Schiavo case.

Nearly 60 percent believe our economy is getting worse, not better.

The record lowest approval rating goes to Richard Nixon, who scored 24% approval during the Watergate scandal.

I'm hoping George W. can beat that record.


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