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Friday, February 11, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Democracy

Short entry today as I'm still sick and my ability to concentrate or think clearly has been impacted.

Before I continue, I have to plug a great website, called Television Without Pity. They offer up hilarious reviews of your favorite television shows, although as far as I can tell there are not a lot of television programs they enjoy. If you need a good laugh, head on over to TWOP.

Now, on to sweet, sweet democracy...

Elections were held in Saudi Arabia on Feb. 10, and democracy has triumphed. The voter turnout was 65%.

Er, one thing: women were not allowed to vote.

Women, of course, are second-class citizens in a country that is known for decades of human rights violations. But hey, Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally of the United States, and we buy a lot of oil from them, so we sort of look the other way when they do something like mass public executions. You know, when the government takes a group of prisoners to a public square and executes them, sometimes by beheadings, or firing squads.

Women who walk alone are often arrested as suspected prostitutes. In fact, women cannot even travel without written authorization from a male relative, usually a husband or father. And, in some cases, they have to be accompanied.

Isn't democracy great?

Oh, and forget about driving. Yeah, women aren't allowed to do that. And, if their husbands beat them, there is no legal recourse.

Also, no freedom of speech, for anyone.

Good thing they have so much oil.


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