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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Media Matters For America

If you're a Bill O'Reilly fan (or forced to watch his horrible program), you'll no doubt recall that Bill O'Reilly is no fan of the media watchdog group, Media Matters For America. He'll get paranoid every so often to complain that MMFA is on a jihad against him. O'Reilly seems to think that everyone who disagrees with him is on some sort of jihad.

It goes without saying that I'm a big fan of MMFA.

I like that the group has sections devoted to Bill O'Reilly and The O'Reilly Factor, so if you're looking for the latest bullshit spewed from O'Reilly's lips, Media Matters is the web site to visit. Because you get the best of O'Reilly in one convenient location. Here's a fun item: O'Reilly claiming to have saved Spongebob Squarepants from the James Dobson group Focus on The Family. You may recall the controversy when Focus on The Family complained about a video produced by the We Are Family Foundation, in which popular characters from children's programming promoted a message of tolerance.

Damn those liberals and their message of tolerance!

Back to O'Reilly. For some reason, O'Reilly believes he saved Spongebob from Dobson's gaydar...or something like that. O'Reilly, Feb. 16, 2005, speaking to guest Robert J. Johnson, head of Syracuse University's center for the study of popular television:

THOMPSON: Buster does not get any more explicit than someone she would see outside of the house. And here's the rub on all of this: the people who are making the most complaints about this -- it's kind of the same mentality of the people who are complaining -- you know, speculating that SpongeBob SquarePants is gay. It's corrupting what was this kind of innocent little TV show: SpongeBob, Buster, Teletubbies --

O'REILLY: OK, but wait. There's one big, big fallacy in your argument, with all due respect. I agree with you on SpongeBob, and we mocked that, and, as soon as we did that, it went away -- and people say to me, "O'Reilly, you do X, Y, and Z" -- I saved SpongeBob single-handedly. All right? As soon as I ran it on [FOX News'] The [O'Reilly] Factor [on January 24], Dobson and his crew shut it down. Did you notice that, doctor?

THOMPSON: No, I didn't notice that direct correlation --

O'REILLY: It was over the next day. Believe me, all right? I saved SpongeBob's reputation. SpongeBob's my best friend now.

Well, we know that a loofa sponge was a favorite of O'Reilly in the past, so maybe Bill just has a soft spot in his heart for cartoon characters accused of being gay.

Media Matters doesn't stop with Bill O'Reilly. If you hate Sean Hannity as I do, you'll find plenty of material about Hannity. You know, when he lies and misleads his audience in order to make a point about Democrats. That sort of thing.

Check in out -- you'll find something entertaining at MMFA.


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