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Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Ponderings

Ah, Friday! Finally. And I'm not going to do anything today, except for writing, and getting drunk. Just kidding on the writing part. No, wait. Ah, never mind.

My column is now up at The Smirking Chimp. If you've never been to The Chimp, you should check them out. They, along with my friends at CounterBias, provide a wide variety of commentary and news pieces about life and politics from some great writers.

There was one interesting bit of news from the last couple of days: the revelation that Donald Rumsfeld had tried to resign, twice (over Abu Ghraib), but President Bush didn't let him.


What does this say about Bush? I mean, does he reflect back on what happened at Abu Ghraib (and no, it wasn't just humiliation of prisoners, read the Taguba report for the real story, not the bullshit version Fox News spews out) and think, "Ah, what happened wasn't so bad. What's wrong with some terrorists being photographed naked?" Good lord. And for anyone who thinks Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident, the army has investigated dozens of abuse cases.

But no, Georgie loves Rummy. And, of course, since the presidential election was the "accountability moment" for Bush, no member of his cabinet has to take the blame for managing the war in Iraq. I watched Hannity and Colmes a few weeks back (I know, bad idea), and Hannity was shouting and pounding his chest and drooling and mumbling something about some liberal needing to take responsibility for something that angered Hannity -- which could have been anything -- and Hannity yelling at the liberal to "stop passing the buck." Well, Sean, why don't you ask George W. Bush why his administration has been playing "pass the buck" for years now. Harry Truman is turning in his grave, unless the grave has been robbed or if Truman is either in Heaven or Hell, in which case he may not be in a position to do any spinning. But you get what I mean.

I got off track about Friday. I attend classes at Portland Community College Monday - Thursday. It's a short schedule so I can work my way up to full-time. Just like when I was working, at the end of the week I'm tired from the work of the week, but this time the feeling doesn't have any negative connotations. The school week is stressful, but not in a bad way. School is a blast. So, kids, if you're thinking of putting off college: don't! Believe me, it will be much more difficult if you wait until you're 36 to go. Not impossible, of course, just hard. But easier if you've recently graduated from high school. I graduated from high school in 1986, which means the last math class I took was in 1985, so math is not one of my strong areas, and re-learning it all is difficult but I'm finding that I'm remembering more and more from my high school days, so hopefully by the time I move on to the next level in math, I'll be ready.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to return to doing nothing.


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