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Monday, January 17, 2005

Top 10 Conservative Idiots

I've been meaning to link back to the Democratic Underground's Top 10 Conservative Idiots list, but with my very busy schedule, I've neglected to do so. I am happy to announce that today I am correcting that mistake. Click here to read this week's installment.

Today was Martin Luther King, Jr., day, which meant no school. And while I should have done something to honor the memory of Dr. King, I ended up doing homework...all day long. Several chapters of math (you know, the bonehead math I'm now taking because I've forgotten almost everything I learned 20 years ago) and several chapters in my film studies class. We're discussing Alfred Hitchcock (of course) and his film North by Northwest.

I didn't like it.

Which will likely make me a heretic in the eyes of my classmates. They love Hitchcock. They love to talk about him in class, too, which puts me at a disadvantage as I've never seen a Hitchcock film (well, until I saw North by Northwest).

But I'll keep an open mind, and even though I'm likely to argue the case that North by Northwest was...well...stupid. And I have my reasons. Such as, the plot was stupid. Something about a man falsely accused of being a spy, climaxing in a scene with characters chasing each other on top of (and in) Mt. Rushmore.

You'll notice a lack of political commentary this post. My apologies. Truth be told, I was too busy with homework to find something to comment on. I could go into the details of my math homework. Nah, I'd better not.

Stay tuned...


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