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Saturday, January 01, 2005

My New Year's Resolution

Okay, I'm going to try something new today: talk about my life. Now, I haven't exactly created a list of things to do this year, but there is one thing that I've been putting off for a long time now: getting a college degree.

When I joined the military, I did so right at the start of my senior year in high school. The school had a career center, a place to go and read about various job occupations. I wasn't really thinking much about college as I didn't think I'd be able to pay for it due to my family's income.

There was a stack of brochures from the armed forces, and the one I picked up first was for the navy. I looked through it and a particular job caught my eye:


At the time I was working on my school's newspaper, and thought that I'd like to make journalism a career. So, it was off to the Navy recruiter, and I signed up for the delayed entry program, meaning I could secure a spot at the journalism school in advance. When I graduated, it was a month later that I went to boot camp in July, 1986.

Returning to civilian life in 1992, I tried to find work as a journalist, and discovered the job market for the media in my home state was closed. Eventually I ended up working in high tech as a QA test engineer, and worked in that field until I was laid off in 2003.

My wife is a college graduate, and she's encouraged me for years to enroll in college. It was one of those things that I had intended on doing, but kept procrastinating. I did finally get my ass in gear and started the process in December 2004. We have a great community college in the Portland-metro area, and there is a campus nearby.

The first hurdle was something I wasn't looking forward to: the placement test. High school was 18 years ago, and I wasn't sure how I'd do on the test. The placement test covers writing, reading, and math. And, depending on your score, you'd be placed into a specific math or writing class.

I was really worried about the math test, as math skills are not something I use very often. I was more confident about the writing and reading tests.

The testing took two hours, and we received our results about 30 minutes later. I was crossing my fingers that I had gotten into writing 121, which is the first college-level writing class offered (otherwise, you had to take the remedial classes for no credit). For math, I didn't have high hopes.

So, the minimum score for placement into writing 121 was a score of 45 and above; reading was 45 or above; and the math part was probably higher, maybe 60 or above to get into one of the college-level math classes.

In writing, I scored 46 out of 55, and in reading I scored 45 (they don't have a scale beyond the score of 45). I had made it into writing 121.

I then looked at my math score.

And my heart sank as I looked at my score:


Which meant I had placed into math 20, which is high-school level math. I wasn't surprised by the low score, but starting that low means taking several terms of basic math until I reached the college level. Which means every term taking basic math until I can get up to the math 111 area, when the classes start counting towards my degree.

It is pretty exciting for me. No one in my family has a college degree, which means I'll be the first, although I will not have a degree until I'm 40...but hey, better late than never.


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