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Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Musings

Today's entry will be a short one, reader, as I have a lot of math homework to do. You know, when I was in my 20s, I never dreamed that at the age of 36 I'd be doing math homework. Such is life.

By all accounts, the elections in Iraq went well, although there were some casualties. Turnout was pretty high, as high as 72%. Which is a higher turnout than most American elections.

With the election over, hopefully what will follow is the creation of a real government in Iraq and the training of Iraq's security forces in order to take secure the peace there. And when that happens, perhaps American forces can start to come home.

In other news today, a federal judge ruled that some detainees have the right to challenge their status in a U.S. court. Judge Joyce Hens Green also criticized the Bush administration for "failing to comport with the requirements of due process."

"Although this nation unquestionably must take strong action under the leadership of the commander in chief to protect itself against enormous and unprecedented threats...that necessity cannot negate the existence of the most basic and fundamental threats for which the people of this country have fought and died for well over 200 years," Green wrote.

Hmm. I wonder how conservatives will react to this bit of news? Probably not positively. After all, they're the main supporters for locking up suspects and throwing away the keys, due process be damned.

I'm off to hit the books...


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