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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq Elections

Contrary to what brain-dead, sheep-like conservatives say, liberals do want a successful election in Iraq. But, most importantly, we want a safe election. Safe for the Iraqis in their historic first vote in 50 years, and safe for the Iraqi and U.S. forces providing security.

Tomorrow, certainly, the pundit shows will have conservative after conservative talking about liberal reaction to the election in Iraq, and I'm betting someone will mention that liberals wanted the elections to fail.

I really do hope George W. Bush is serious when he says we'll withdraw our troops at the request of the Iraqi government. Although, frankly, I don't see that happening, even if we are asked to leave. Our excuse to stay would be along the lines that we need to continue training Iraq's security forces. Clearly, they are not ready to take on the insurgency that has resulted in such a huge loss of life.

I know, it's easier just to say that liberals hate America and be done with it. Of course, that statement simply is not true, and confusing criticism of government policy as hating America is just ignorant. Conservatives really have no interest in a united America. They need an enemy, whether it's Bill Clinton or John Kerry, as they wedge us all apart ever further in their bid to control everything.


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