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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Eye On The Right: Hillary Clinton

Right-wingers are jumping for joy and high-fiving each other in their bliss that Hillary Clinton's former finance director has been indicted for fraud -- for filing false reports with the Federal Campaign Commission. The finance director, David Rosen, is accused of underreporting campaign funds raised at a campaign events. In one instance, Rosen reported receiving funds of $400,000 for a concert, when the actual amount raised was $1.2 million, according to the FBI.

Does this sound familiar? Let's see: an aide to a member of Congress has been indicted for violating campaign finance laws.

Say, the same thing is happening to House Majority Leader Tom Delay. Three of his aides have been indicted for violating campaign finance laws.

Of course, in the wacky world of right-wing politics, the indictment of Clinton's former director means that Hillary actually committed the crime, as evidenced in this exchange at the Conservative Underground. The thread begins with a link to the Clinton story and this post by someone named "Cadman":

Could the trail lead to the Clintons? Could this be the downfall of the shrill beast? I can only hope.....Or will another of the mindless minions fall on their own sword to save the Clinton crime regime?

Respondents replied with similar sentiments.

Reactions were similar at Free Republic, although the Free Republic responders appear to be fucking crazy. That's just my opinion.

The indictment is also big news at World Net Daily.

Which brings me to the subject of conservative double-standards. See, in Conservative World, Tom Delay is innocent until proven guilty, while Hillary Clinton is assumed to be guilty.

Republicans in the House were so concerned that Delay would be indicted that they decided to change the rules of ethics, in order to protect Delay, who would have had to step down as majority leader if indicted. Delay ended up requesting that the changes in ethics law be overturned.

Here's an assignment, if you are interested: watch Hannity and Colmes this week, and see how many segments are devoted to Hillary Clinton's former aide. We can assume Sean Hannity will be foaming at the mouth over this new Clinton "scandal." We can also assume Alan Colmes will make an attempt to remind the panel of the three indictments of Tom Delay's aides, which will be ignored by Hannity and whatever conservative pundits are on hand; chances are, it'll be Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Mike Reagan, or all of them at once.

As far as Clinton and Delay go, it will be business as usual for conservatives: deflect attention away from their own (Delay) and drum up a non-story about Hillary Clinton.

Let the games begin.


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