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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sex Ed With a Side of Morals

Should public schools teach only abstinence in sex ed curriculum? That was the debate on today's Crossfire, featuring guest host Rev. Jerry Falwell.

The conversation was centered on a report issued by California Congressman Henry Waxman. The report was critical of the Bush administration's abstinence only curriculum, saying in some instances false or inaccurate information was being taught. For instance, a program called "Me, My world, My future" teaches that women who have abortions have a higher rate of suicide, and another program states that condoms fail as much as 31% of the time, when the actual figure is closer to 3%.

The debate on Crossfire was the standard fodder. Jerry Falwell wondered why public schools are not teaching morality along with sex ed.

Does that sound like a good idea?

For me, no. Shouldn't morality be taught at home by parents or via religion? When did public education get so complicated? If you want morality with your sex ed, have it taught at private religious schools. If public schools do a poor job of teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, I'm not very confident in a curriculum of morality.

They Hate Gays in Alabama

An Alabama state legislator wants to cut off all public funding if those public funds are used to purchase books with pro-homosexual themes, messages, or characters.

A bill by Rep. Gerald Allen (quick, guess if Allen is a Democrat or Republican!)

...bill by Rep. Gerald Allen, Republican, would prohibit the use of public funds for "the purchase of textbooks or library materials that recognize or promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle." Allen said he wants to protect children from the "homosexual agenda," including "children" in college.

If Allen's bill passes (my guess is that it will), not only will the "pro" homosexual books be removed from libraries, but they would be destroyed.

Yes, destroyed.

"I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them," Allen says.

It's bad enough to have a book-banning bill, but does it really need to be accompanied by the destruction of the books? What about donating the books to a state like Massachusetts?

Surely there are sane people in Alabama. Right? Maybe everyone is goofed up by gas fumes from attending NASCAR races. I don't know. Remind me to never, ever visit Alabama.


Blogger Chris Woods said...

Why do media outlets keep giving Jerry Falwell a podium to speak from? He is radical, bigotted, and upsetting. I understand the quest for ratings and the bottom line, so sure, interview him sometimes but keep the fat man under control.

By giving him a chance to speak his mind and 'debate' on Crossfire, we effectively give him a bully pulpit to perpetrate more lies and incite bigotry and hatred into the American people.

Discourse in America is under attack from both sides of the aisle by folks making ad hominem attacks and arguing radical positions that are unfounded and deliberately misleading (even I am sometimes guilty of these things). Americans must work to reclaim discourse as an effective outlet for deliberative democracy in America.

If we don't, then what is the purpose of our republic?

9:55 AM  

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