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Monday, December 06, 2004

The One With Pop Culture

Okay, I'm ready to admit it: I'm a fan of Fox's My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. Yes, it's true. I know, you probably think it's a stupid show, but I love the entire premise: 20-something corporate whores willing to do anything to get a job -- even if they do not know anything about the corporation, the "billionaire" in charge, or even what the company does (something about investment capital).

If you've seen The Apprentice, you know how this show works. Three actors play the billionaire and his two executives, and they send the contestants off on baffling contests while the "boss," N. Paul Todd, offers up conflicting business "advice" and bizarre behavior. The first competition has the teams panhandling to see who can get the most money; another competition had the teams trying to sell incredibly stupid, useless products to suckers (regular people on the street), such as "Air in a Can" and an "environmentally friendly" tampon made of twigs.

Like gangbusters, the contestants hustle and do what they can to sell the products.

"Boss" has its boardroom scenes, just like Trump's show, but here we see how crazy the billionaire is, as we sit through uncomfortable silences and the disjointed mutterings of the man the contestants believe they will be working for.

With so many reality shows on television, I have to wonder why so many people are willing to humiliate themselves weekly to millions of people. I guess fame and money are big motivators, and everyone has a price to which they'd submit themselves to weeks of exposure in order to get that cash prize.

What's your price?


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