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Sunday, December 05, 2004

The One With The Memes

Okay, I promised a cute cat picture, so here it is:

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That little guy is Beethoven The Cat (TM).

Now, on to The Memes

I'm not sure I've got this whole meme thing down. I guess you share random stuff with readers, so, based on random factors (like what songs come up in a media player if you put the player on 'shuffle,' which is what I've done). So, here are the songs randomly selected by Windows Media Player:
Ten random songs from my media library via Windows Media Player:
Joan of Arc -- OMD
Hurry Home -- A-Ha
Radio Waves -- OMD
The Current -- Blue Man Group
Jealousy -- Camouflage
Pompeji -- Camouflage
Slipping Away -- Information Society
13th -- The Cure
I Want You Now -- Depeche Mode
Fighting For Love -- Venus Hum

Now, to make this really interesting, the 10 random songs from the Creative MediaSource Player:

S.O.S. -- ABBA
Once In a Lifetime -- Wolfsheim
Does Your Mother Know -- ABBA
I Believe -- Tears For Fears
Blue Angel -- Squirrel Nut Zippers
Hand In Glove -- The Smiths
Above -- Blue Man Group
Broken -- Tears For Fears
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want -- The Smiths
Heroin, She Said -- Wolfsheim

Isn't that fun? What's funny is I have the same playlist for both players -- but the Creative player was coughing up more eclectic selections and, yes, ABBA.


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