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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The One About My Blog

I have a confession to make.

I don't like this blog.

Strange, eh?

The truth is, I'm first and foremost a political writer. I write political columns and my main web site is dedicated to politics. I guess it's that I'm not much of a touchy-feely kind of guy and writing a non-political blog just doesn't feel right. So, I guess the question to ask is -- and feel free to leave a comment to answer -- should I continue writing this blog? I mean, if I'm boring you to tears when you find your way, obviously I'm not doing my job as a writer. At my political blog, people react strongly to it. Some people love it and others hate me with a passion. But that's okay with me. I'd rather be hated than boring, and I have a feeling this particular blog is boring. I know who my audience is at my main blog; I don't know for this blog.

What do you think?


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