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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The One About Firefox and bad TV

Up until I decided to find a new line of work in 2003 (read: laid off), I had worked in high-tech as a QA test technician. Which meant I always had access to new technology. My friends are also techies, and they always were very impressed with whatever new bit of hardware I was testing (such as the Pentium II processor, AGP video, and DVD). I was one of the first in my group of friends to have access to the Internet (via a Unix shell account) and the first to have a "homepage," which has now evolved to "blog." I was Googling when the service first became available and Ebaying in 1998.

I completely missed the boat on blogs. I had registered for my own domain in 2001, but didn't really do anything with it. In 2003 I started my first blog, but I was a few years late in that trend.

And now, finally, I have succumbed to Internet pressure and am using the Firefox web browser. Is it better than Microsoft's product? To be honest, I haven't noticed much of a difference. Some of you may consider that statement akin to blasphemy, but if Firefox is better than IE, I haven't figured out how. I'm sure there are tons of features that I've been too lazy to look into. Let me know what I'm missing out.

On to bad television...

I posted before on the joys of infomercials. I'm actually a big fan of television, much to my wife's chagrin. As a writer, my work schedule can be sporadic, where I might spend one day working on my column and blog entries, and other days writing diaries for Daily Kos. Usually I listen to music when I work, but other times, I'll have the TV going in the background.

And, well, I'm starting to get hooked on the court shows. Or, rather, one show: Judge Judy. Years ago I used to watch Judge Judy religiously, and then stopped. I caught it again recently, and God help me, found myself hooked again. Maybe I need counseling. It says something about a television program that uses A Fifth of Beethoven as its theme song (you know, that disco classic from 1976 by Walter Murphy).

I have learned some lessons by watching Judge Judy:

-- Never, ever, ever, loan money to family without first drawing up a contract that lines out the minute details of said load, get it signed, notarized, have a Supreme Court Justice initial it, register it with the National Archives, and make sure to have several hundred copies made of the contract.

-- Never, ever, ever, loan money to friends. Same stipulations as above.

-- Never, ever, ever, loan money to boyfriends/girlfriends.

-- Never, ever, ever, loan money to acquaintances.

-- Never, ever, ever, agree to appear on Judge Judy. Being on TV isn't worth the humiliation.

Better still, never go outside or interact with anyone, ever.


Blogger Arethusa said...

This may be coming 3 days late but the two best differences giving Firefox the edge over IE is a) the noticeable decrease in spyware and b)Adblock-an extension that is ten times better than any Google pop-up blocker.

Maybe you should check out the tutorial and the extensions pages (all accessible from your "Tools" menu) to see how you can customize Firefox (another big difference with IE) to suit your internet surfing needs.

6:44 PM  

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