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Saturday, December 04, 2004

An Experiment

I have bits of writing scattered all across the Internet, from old Usenet articles, circa 1995, to various blog postings. This site has mainly just been a mirror of my award-winning blog What's In Scott's Head? But I got to thinking, why not write a blog that's more in line with the trends that have invaded the blogsphere? See, just using the term blogsphere shows just how hip I can be.

Actually, most of the trends I've noticed while surfing sites through BlogExplosion. In case you've never heard of BlogExplosion, it's basically a way to whore out your blog to thousands of other bloggers. It's as addicting as crack. You sign up your blog, and then you earn credits by surfing the blogs of other BlogExplosion members. And by surfing the blogs, you get credit, which in turn is used to drive traffic to your blog. Good idea, in theory; the downside is most people only stay the required 30 seconds before moving on to the next blog.

I think it's high time I do something other than politics. If you want politics, head on over to my main blog.

Now, I hope you all will not be too distracted by the layout, which I'm about to fill with advertisements. Just like other popular sites.

Drop me a line with other suggestions. I'll have a photo of my cat up soon.


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