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Monday, November 29, 2004

The Supreme Court Hates Conservatives

I love news that makes conservatives angry. Surely the news that the Supreme Court has refused to rule on the Massachusetts court decision that allowed for gay marriage has caused much stress among right-wingers.

This is good news.

Justices had been asked to overturn a year-old decision by the Massachusetts high court that legalized gay marriage. They declined, without comment.

The nut-jobs over at the Free Republic are not very happy with this decision. The news hasn't hit some of the other conservative message boards, but I'm sure it will by tonight.

I keep wondering, why do conservatives oppose gay marriage in the first place? It's not like they treat heterosexual marriage as a sacred institution, considering that the highest number of divorces are in the "morally superior" red states. Hell, if they don't have a problem with getting divorced one, two, or three times, what exactly is going to happen if gay couples get married?

My guess is: nothing will happen. Conservatives seem to think that once gay marriage is allowed, it's going to open the door for worst-case scenario marriages, like a father marrying his daughter. Existing laws would prevent this marriage, and would probably apply to the other marriage scenarios conservatives think will happen with gay marriage.

I've said this before: if heterosexual marriage is so sacred, how come a convicted murderer on death row can be married? There's nothing to stop a woman from marrying a child abusing, drug addicting nut job who in turn molests his new step-children. Conservatives are worried that gay marriage will destroy the moral fabric of marriage. Here's a news flash, right-wingers: heterosexuals have already destroyed the moral fabric of marriage. Sure, some treat the institution with respect, but when you have self-appointed moral leaders like Rush Limbaugh divorcing their third wife, well, what can you say? If it's not sacred to Rush -- and, statistically, not sacred to the Bush-loving red states -- I say, let's give another group a shot at restoring the dignity and sanctity of marriage.

In other news...

The State of Alabama traveled back in time to 1963, with voters in the state voting down a constitutional amendment that would remove segregationist language from state law.

And conservatives wonder why people think they're racist.

Of course, Alabama conservatives will say they voted down the amendment due to the possibility of an increased tax burden. You see, the Alabama State Constitution does not guarantee public education. They're an enlightened bunch in Alabama. If the amendment had passed to remove the segregationist language from Alabama's constitution, taxes could have risen to help pay for schools. God forbid money be spent on public schools.

Readers may remember that in 2000, Alabama voters passed a measure to allow for inter-racial marriage.

Now, that's progress!


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