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Friday, November 12, 2004

President Bush (Kerry) Outlines Agenda

First item: my column for this week is up at CounterBias. Head on over and take a look, and let me know what you think. Also, try to take a few minutes and check out the columns of my fellow writers at CounterBias. They're a fantastic bunch with a lot to say.

On to business:

After ridiculing John Kerry on the campaign trail and in the debates, President Bush today announced in a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he looked forward to using the "...combined strength of Europe and America" to advance the cause of freedom.

Conservatives, I'm sure, are applauding Bush for his great leadership skills. We'll get the world involved in advancing the cause of freedom! Brilliant. Of course, John Kerry saying the same thing revealed his weakness as a leader. I love conservative double standards.

Bush also pledged to help in creating an independent Palestinian state, which would be good, but Bush had to blow the moment by saying the United States would "hold their (Palestinians) feet to the fire to make sure Democracy prevails."

When Bush mentions "fire" and "Democracy" in the same sentence, I'd make sure the bomb shelter was built, as we all know Bush likes to spread democracy by blowing shit up.

Bush also pledged to "finish the job" in Iraq, and on that I am hoping that Bush will indeed work towards that goal. Once we have the Iraqi police and military trained we can begin to pull out some troops. Capturing and controlling Fallujah is essential, but we've paid a high price for doing so: 22 American troops dead and over 170 injured.

The insurgents in Fallujah are determined to destroy the U.S. forces there.

It's a huge mess in Iraq, despite the Bush administration's portrait of Iraq marching steadily towards democracy.

Can you imagine if any of this had happened while Bill Clinton was president? Republicans would not only have impeached him, but they probably would have thrown his ass in jail. If you recall the "Black Hawk Down" incident from the military operation in Somalia in 1993, you know that Republican members of Congress demanded that Clinton's Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, step down, though only a couple dozen American forces were killed. Different standards now, I guess, on what constitutes a massive failure.

Oh, and Scott Peterson was found guilty in his trial. In case you were following that. Court TV is probably going to go off the air now that the trial is over. What else can they cover 24/7?


Blogger Chris Woods said...

Nice joke about Court TV there, it's kinda true. But with Michael Jackson's case still somewhere in the future, they'll rack up the debt just to cover that.

Now back to the rest of your post. Conservative double standards are, indeed, quite annoying. But I still don't see how just the US and Great Britain can be the only one's to determine the outcome of the situation in Israel and Palestine. A more broad coalition and meeting of the minds is needed. In this case, John Kerry's plan for some kind of Arab or Internation Summit would be the best plan.

But with the Bush Administration's recent stealing of Kerry's ideas (as you pointed out), I wonder how long it will take him to offer up this idea. Innauguration or State of the Union?

9:19 PM  

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