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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Liberal Bigotry

It turns out liberal bigotry is on the rise. At least, in the world according to NewsMax, it is. When I want real news, I usually turn to MSNBC, and when I want crazy news, I hit NewsMax.

In case you've never been to the NewsMax web site, they often report on how horrible liberals are. Many stories lack any factual attribution, and tend to be sensational. And crazy. Mainly crazy.

While reading NewsMax today, I saw this headline:

Liberal Bigotry On The Rise

Wow! That's a serious charge. Would NewsMax offer up statistics and facts to support the claim that "liberal bigotry" is "on the rise"?

Nope. Just Michelle Malkin. Malkin is a conservative columnist and a graduate of the Ann Coulter School of Liberal Bashing.

I didn't know she was an expert on race relations, but she has somehow determined that "liberal bigotry" is on the rise. Does she rely on facts or statistics? Nah, conservatives don't believe in facts. Their goal is to present their message, regardless of factual accuracy. Like how the conservative media reported that outgoing staff members of the Clinton administration had vandalized the oval office to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to learn from the GAO that it hadn't happened.

Here's some of what NewsMax reported on "liberal bigotry," as presented by that race relations expert, Michelle Malkin:

"The underlying liberal bigotry that seems to have shown its ugly face ... is what's really remarkable... We've seen it a lot with how liberal columnists and cartoonists are treating minority conservatives."

Now, as far as editorial cartoons go, I'm going to ignore that as a source of "liberal bigotry." The subjects of editorial cartoons are drawn in an exaggerated style. If you want to see hundreds of examples, check out this archive of editorial cartoons about Bill and Hillary Clinton. And yes, their images are exaggerated in the cartoons.

As far as other incidents of "liberal bigotry," well, there's, when a Madison, Wisconsin radio DJ called Dr. Condolezza Rice "Aunt Jemima."

Does a few editorial cartoons and the comments of a single radio DJ mean "liberal bigotry" is on the rise? Of course not.

Let's face it, there are bigots on both sides. And considering that Malkin supports racial profiling, it seems odd that she would be decrying "liberal bigotry."

Speaking of bigotry, I'll leave my readers with an example of conservative bigotry aimed at comedian Margaret Cho. On Jan. 13, Cho was one of many performers at an event for Move On. Cho's 20-minute routine included a few minutes of material aimed at George W. Bush. Conservatives do not like it when someone attacks young George, and when Cho "attacked" Bush, conservatives came to his defense by sending hundreds of racist e-mails to Cho.

Great bunch, those right-wing nut jobs.


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