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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Good Bye, Johnny!

Don't let the door hit you in the Ashcroft

America's top cop, Attorney General John Ashcroft, has resigned from Bush's cabinet.

I'm crying right now.

Okay, that part was a lie.

And Ashcroft's reason? He had successfully secured America from terrorists.

When did this happen?

In his letter of resignation, Ashcroft said, "The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved."

Someone should have told Dick Cheney this. Seems like it would have been good information for him to take on the campaign trail. Instead, Cheney delivered uplifting campaign speeches where he basically said America was an open target for any terrorist to come into the country and kill millions of people.

Cheney talked about this subject a lot.

Maybe the Justice Department and the Office of the Vice President didn't communicate well with each other?

Frankly, I'm glad to see the architect of the ironically-named Patriot Act hitting the road. (Yes, I know that Congress actually was responsible for it, but I'd rather blame Ashcroft.)

Another little bit of trivia about John Ashcroft: he lost his Senate re-election bid to a dead man. Yes, Missouri voters decided a dead man, Mel Carnahan, would do a better job in representing the interests of Missouri than Ashcroft.

In fact, the election of Mel Carnahan was the first time in American history that a dead man had won a seat in the Senate.

Perhaps the resignations will become the new fad in Washington. I've got my fingers crossed that Donald Rumsfeld will be next.


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