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Monday, November 15, 2004

Cabinet Resignations Score Card

Secretary of State Colin Powell is the latest Bush administration cabinet member to resign. Pretty standard for a president's second term, but Bush's second term is certainly going to be very different. Not only will there be new cabinet members, but it's also possible Bush will be naming new members to the Supreme Court.

Here's the breakdown of resignations:
Attorney General John Ashcroft
Commerce Secretary Don Evans
Secretary of State Colin Powell
Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman
Education Secretary Rod Paige
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham

Hopefully Donald Rumsfeld will succumb to peer pressure and join in the departures. I was kind of half-hoping that George W. Bush would jump on the resignation bandwagon. Probably no chance of that.

Powell was chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff while I was in the military. Although I didn't get to meet him, I did catch a glimpse of him when he came to my ship, USS Blue Ridge, for a visit during Desert Storm. General Norman Schwarzkopf also visited Blue Ridge during the war. My shipmates and I were pretty impressed to see the brass up close.

It's a shame that Colin Powell, who I understand was not as sold on the idea of going to war with Iraq as Bush's other advisors, had to address the U.N. security council and tell them that our intelligence about Iraq WMDs was factual, and not assertions. Turns out it was assertions. I don't know how much of it Powell believed.

Powell's successor may be Dr. Condolezza Rice. Whoever it is, they'll have a tough job ahead of them in restoring America's credibility to the world. Of course, Republicans do not seem to care what the world thinks of us. But we need the support of many nations, especially in Iraq, where we're footing the bill for the operation and are providing the largest number of troops, and sustaining the largest number of casualties. I'm going to be very surprised if the Iraq elections are held without incident.

I'm still out of town, and still stuck with the crappy dial-up connection in my hotel room, so it's hard to say how extensive updates to the site will be.

Now to spend the next hour publishing this entry...

Oh, I just realized something: Half-Life 2 is out tomorrow, and I have a copy on my hard drive, courtesty of Valve Software's Steam service, ready to be unlocked. So I guess I will not be posting here for the next month or so. Well, maybe not tomorrow.


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