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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush's Cabinet Shuffles Again

After only two years on the job as the Director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge is calling it quits.

The move was not unexpected; but, damn it, when is Rummy going to take the hint and step down as well? Succumb to peer pressure, Donald: all the other cabinet members are leaving!

Ridge's resignation will be effective Feb. 1. At a news conference, Ridge acknowledged that, while there was no certainty that measures taken by the Department of Homeland Security had prevented terrorist attacks, conditions in the U.S. make it more difficult for terrorists to operate.

“"I am confident that the terrorists are aware that from the curb to the cockpit we’'ve got additional security measures that didn'’t exist a couple years ago, that from port to port we do things differently with maritime security...I am confident they know the borders are more secure. I am confident they know we have developed and are sharing information with state and local law enforcement," Ridge said at a news conference.

I think we, as Americans, should pray to the deity of our choice and ask that Secretary Rumsfeld be overcome with a sudden urge to raise chickens or write an off-Broadway play. If someone has offered up a sound Iraq policy, I wish they'd make it public. I'm not covinced that Rumsfeld has one.

Sorry for the short entry today, folks; I have to pound out my weekly column. I was going to be lazy and just write out an entry here and then cut and paste that entry as my column, but I know my readers expect the very best media and political analysis, and I have no excuse in slacking off from my ongoing hatred of America.


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