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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

WMDs: Wait Until Charlie Gets Back

At a June 10th press conference following the G8 summit, President George W. Bush was asked by a reporter about the hunt for WMDs in Iraq:

I wonder if you can share with the American people your conclusions, based on what you've learned over the past 15 months, sir, as to whether those weapons were -- existed and they were hidden, were they destroyed, were they somehow spirited out of the country, or perhaps they weren't there before the war, and whether you had a chance to share this with your G8 partners?

Right, no -- Bob, it's a good question. I don't know -- I haven't reached a final conclusion yet because the inspectors -- inspection teams aren't back yet. I do know that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to make weapons. I do know he's a dangerous person. I know he used weapons against his own people and against the neighborhood. But we'll wait until Charlie gets back with the final report, and then I'll be glad to report.

The Charlie in question is Charles Duelfer, the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq.

Charlie is back, and the WMD report has been released (you can read it here, but you'll need to have the Adobe reader to view it).

There were no WMDs in Iraq.


George W. Bush and his incompetent administration have killed 1,064 brave American soldiers and left thousands more injured for life, not to mention the thousands of Iraqi civilians that have been killed, in a hunt for weapons that never existed. In fact, contrary to conservative claims, 12 years of sanctions in Iraq diminished Saddam Hussein's ability to produce weapons. The sanctions were working. We didn't need to go to war. There was no threat by Saddam Hussein.

And now, young men and women have paid the price for the mistakes of the Bush administration. Paid with blood and limbs torn from bodies and paralysis and brain damage, young lives destroyed because Bush and his team were so fucking anxious to take us to war that they would do anything to dream up an excuse to use military force.

It's time for Junior to take some fucking responsibility and stop blaming his mistakes on the CIA, on Bill Clinton, on anything and anyone but him.

Expect no outrage from conservatives. They don't give a shit that anyone has been killed in Iraq.

Thanks, Mr. Bush.


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