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Friday, October 08, 2004

Presidential Debates Pt. II

Tonight's debate was a close one; it wasn't a slam-dunk for Kerry as last week's debate was. The two men had very different strategies in responding to questions, and I think John Kerry chose the right strategy in answering much in the same way Bill Clinton would have.

Bush came across as arrogant, petulant and overly aggressive. Humility is not a trait I would associate with George W. Bush. Bush still cannot own up to any mistakes he thinks he's made, because he doesn't think he's made mistakes. As anyone who has participated in a behavioral interview knows, there is a way to answer the "what mistakes have you made" question in a way that shows strength of character, not weakness.

While Kerry had many facts and figures to use in answering questions, Bush presented his standard stump-speech responses and talking points. It is getting tiresome to hear yet another conservative say that John Kerry is the "most liberal" member of the senate. The National Journal rated him the most liberal member of the senate based ONLY on one year, 2003. Kerry's lifetime record puts him as the 11th most liberal senator.

Bush was aggressive in pushing the message of Kerry being a "flip-flopper," but, again, seemed to be spouting lines fed to him, rather than making statements based on facts. The quick sound-bite response has become the standard in politics, and of course John Kerry does the same thing. I guess you have to with only a couple of minutes to respond.

Also, and maybe it's a regional thing, but I had no idea what Bush meant when he said "Battling green eye shades." What the hell does that mean? Will someone please explain this?


Blogger sgo said...

Maybe visors like the ones card dealers, and bookies have ?

Sure like the little visors the numbers guys might wear in a movie?

Gambling with our future George?

2:02 PM  

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