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Monday, October 04, 2004

John Kerry: Dirty Cheat

Matt Drudge has been on a roll for the past year or so with his devastating reports on John Kerry' First, the revelation that John Kerry was treated for wrinkles with Botox. Oh, my. Then, the revelation that Kerry had stopped getting Botox treatment. Most recently, Drudge reported the startling revelation of John Kerry with tanned skin. Oh, the horror!

Now Drudge is suggesting that John Kerry "cheated" at the first presidential debate by bringing a "cheat sheet" with him to the debate. This Drudge "exclusive" includes a link to video footage of Kerry removing...something...from the breast pocket of his suit jacket. As others have concluded, it appears that Kerry had, in fact, removed a pen. Conservatives, who automatically believe anything Drudge reports to be the gospel truth, registered their disgust and indignation over Kerry being a dirty cheat on blogs and message boards. Of particular note are the posters at Conservative Underground and The Right Society, two groups whose members frequently mention how intelligent they are yet will use Drudge as a source to report on whatever bit of gossip Drudge had dredged up for the day. That does not support the notion of intelligence, but hey, when you lean to the right, your brain stops working and you have to fill it with "facts" spoon-fed by Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

Let's explore this concept a little further. Yes, the debate rules stated that a candidate could not bring anything with them to the podium, such as a pen. Now, is it really that big a deal if Kerry brought a pen? Could it be that when he arrived at his podium he saw that the type of pen he liked to use had been forgotten? Whatever the case, who cares? It's a friggin' pen, get over it. As for the accusation that Kerry used a "cheat-sheet," well, that's just fucking stupid. Bush and Kerry didn't know what questions would be asked or in what order, or to whom. And even if Kerry had pulled out a sheet of paper from his could he possibly have notes on questions he didn't know were going to be asked? The only time Kerry looked down at his podium was to take a note of some of Bush's responses.

All of this stinks of desperation. Bush did a terrible job at the debate, and now the right-wingers are anxious to deflect attention away from the seemingly clueless Bush. What better way to accomplish this than through a Drudge rumor? The next debate will be a town-hall format. Expect conservatives to dream up another Kerry rumor if Bush has his clock cleaned again, something along the lines of "Kerry planted people in the audience! What a bastard!"

Make sure to tune in to the debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney tomorrow night. That should make for some good television.


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