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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This Week's Column is Up

My column for the week is up at CounterBias. Give it a read and let me know what you think, and check out the other columnists at CounterBias if you have the time.

I'll probably add another entry tonight following the GOP convention coverage. I guess Dick Cheney is going to spend his time attacking John Kerry. I'm sure he'll mention all the GOP talking points about Kerry, and in doing so with no context, assume his audience to be morons. See, politicians know that many Americans do not have any clue about how government works. Ask someone what the House Whip does, and you'll get a blank stare. I didn't even know until I looked it up a couple of years ago. Cheney will talk about Kerry's voting record, again out of context, and will not mention how complicated the process is in the senate to vote on a bill.

Surely Cheney will bring up Kerry's "flip-flopping." In doing so, check out the debate transcripts from the 2000 presidential race, and see how many times Bush himself has flip-flopped.

First debate
Second debate
Third debate

Also, here is the transcript of the debate between Cheney and Joe Lieberman.

Here's a fascinating bit from that debate: the moderator asks Dick Cheney about what should be done about Iraq and WMDs (quoting Bush as saying he would "take them out"). Here's Cheney's response:

"CHENEY: We might have no other choice. We'll have to see if that happens. The thing about Iraq, of course, was at the end of the war we had pretty well decimated their military. We had put them back in the box, so to speak. We had a strong international coalition raid against them, effective economic sanctions, and an inspection regime was in place under the U.N. and it was able to do a good job of stripping out the capacity to build weapons of mass destruction, the work he had been doing that had not been destroyed during the war in biological and chemical agents, as well as a nuclear program.

Unfortunately now we find ourselves in a situation where that started to fray on us, where the coalition now no longer is tied tightly together. Recently the United Arab Emirates have reopened diplomatic relations with Baghdad. The Russians and French are flying commercial airliners back into Baghdad and thumbing their nose at the international sanctions regime. We're in a situation today where our posture with Iraq is weaker than it was at the end of the war. It's unfortunate. I also think it's unfortunate we find ourselves in a position where we don't know for sure what might be transpiring inside Iraq. I certainly hope he's not regenerating that kind of capability, but if he were, if in fact Saddam Hussein were taking steps to try to rebuild nuclear capability or weapons of mass destruction, you would have to give very serious consideration to military action to -- to stop that activity. I don't think you can afford to have a man like Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons in the Middle East."


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