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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's Feeling Like 1996

When I think about the current presidential campaign, my mind goes back to 1996, when Bill Clinton squared off against Bob Dole in that election and won by a huge margin. Clinton received 379 electoral votes to Dole's 159.

I can't shake the feeling that John Kerry will be this election's Bob Dole.

I know some Democrats will say I'm being negative, or being pessimistic. I think I'm being a realist.

The problem with the Kerry campaign, and John Kerry, is that he is not connecting on a personal level with voters. Not for a lack of trying. Kerry's been on programs like The Daily Show and Live with Regis and Kelly in an effort to present himself as a "regular" guy. I don't think it's working. Kerry comes across as very formal and somewhat cold and, yes, almost aristocratic.

Kerry has also had trouble in communicating his vision for America to voters. People aren't sure where he stands on issues like the war in Iraq, and he's a bit verbose when atriculating that message.

Don't get me wrong, I want John Kerry to win, but I believe he has a tough battle ahead of him. Some Democrats are predicting a Kerry landslide, which would be great. I know I'll be watching the polls closely and am especially interested in the upcoming presidential debates. I think these debates will be crucial to each candidate's campaign. It will come down to how they communicate their message, their vision, and their plans on what direction they will take America in the next four years. Bush usually comes across in a more folksy kind of way, a sort of "ah shucks" attitude that many folks relate to.

I'm crossing my fingers for a Kerry victory. Here's hoping that the one group of voters that have not been polled extensively, the young people voting for the first time, cast their vote for John Kerry. That might make the difference in a John Kerry administration.


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