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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's Column Time

My new column is up at CounterBias, about CBS and the Killian memorandum forgeries. What a story. How Dan Rather and his team got suckered by the fake documents is beyond my comprehension. Apparently CBS was not given the original copies of the documents; they were faxed to CBS from a Texas Kinkos. Had I been in charge I would have asked for the originals.

Also in question is CBS' motive for airing the Bush piece on Sept. 8. Did the Sixty Minutes Wednesday crew think it had a real scoop on its hands? Or was this a real example of liberal bias, with a story that would potentially be damaging to George W. Bush? Whatever the case, the story backfired. Instead of harming George W. Bush, it's helped him and hurt the Kerry campaign. Conservative pundits are claiming a Kerry connection to the forged documents, with charges flying that Kerry advisors Max Cleland and Joe Lockhart were somehow involved. Particularly Lockhart, who allegedly was in contact with Bill Burkett, the man who provided the documents to CBS. Which means the Kerry campaign has to go on the defensive against the Swift Boat vets and conservatives convinced of a Kerry conspiracy. Of course, there is no evidence that the Kerry campaign was involved, but to conservative pundits, Lockhart's conversation with Burkett is proof enough of a conspiracy.

If the Kerry campaign was involved, I think it's a certainty that it will cost him the election, even if Kerry had no knowledge of the events.

Whatever happens, Bush comes out of this with good press, a victim of attack journalism by a network with an agenda. Never mind if the actual subject matter of the story -- that Bush received special treatment in getting into the Texas Air National Guard and had a spotty attendance record in 1972 and 1973 -- is true. People don't seem to mind what Bush did during the Vietnam conflict.

Thanks a lot, CBS.


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