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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I Hate Being Sick

Usually I get a head cold once a year (sometimes less), and what do you know, today is my day to be sick. So now my head is swimming in a fog as I wait for the cold medicine to work its magic. Yet, dear reader, here I am, typing through a tightening noose of confusion to provide you with the quality commentary and analysis you've come to expect from my award-winning blog. I'm trying to think of the upside, which will be no sleep and hours spent vegetating in front of the TV playing XBOX as my sinuses drain and my head pounds. I'll be useless to do anything else but get the high score on Burnout 2. Which is a great game, by the way. Ummm...what? Oh, yeah, Bush. Stay focused. Must write about Bush.

Newsweek's new poll is interesting. The last Newsweek poll had Bush leading John Kerry by 11 points. That lead has been narrowed to six points. Which is fascinating, because this poll was taken right before the September 11 anniversary, and Bush has campaigned on his leadership skills following the attacks on September 11, 2001. I would have thought his lead would have increased. Shows you what I know.

Bush's approval rating has fallen, down to 48%. Interestingly, 60% of voters expect Bush to be re-elected.

Almost 80% of all voters are finding the campaigns to be too negative, and 53% say they are not satisfied with the "way things are going."

Another surprise in the poll is Bush's rating for personal honesty. 55% of voters say Bush is honest and ethical; 40% say he is not. That's a big change from last week. Seven days ago, 62% said Bush was honest and ethical, and 33% said he was not.

Another interesting find in the poll is that 16% of "swing" voters would vote for Kerry based on his Vietnam service; 19% said they would not vote for Bush based on his service to the Air National Guard.

Again, it looks like it's just too close to call. The poll numbers I'm most interested in will be the numbers released after the first presidential debate. It's going to be a tight race up until the end.


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