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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bush's Alternate Reality of Iraq

"I'm pleased with the progress (in Iraq)," President George W. Bush said on Sept. 18 to a Maine newspaper. "It's hard. Don't get me wrong. It's hard because there are some in Iraq who want to disrupt the election and disrupt the march to democracy, which should speak to their fear of freedom."

What is Bush smoking? Is he hitting the bottle? What the hell is he talking about? What progress? Iraq is in utter chaos right now. What progress is he pleased with? That kidnappers continue to take hostages and decapitate them? The non-stop fighting in Fallujah? The near-daily deaths of American troops?

When Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 was released, conservative pundits who did not actually see the documentary seized on one moment which, to them, demonstrated that Moore somehow supported Saddam Hussein: a scene in Iraq with children playing, men getting haircuts, and people going about daily activities. The conservative pundits are, of course, too obtuse to actually understand the point Moore was trying to make: Iraqis, even under a brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein, tried to live their lives under horrible conditions. Moore was attempting to humanize ordinary Iraqis, by showing them doing things we all do. Conservatives were too stupid to understand this and blasted Moore for his "idyllic" portrayal of an Iraqi "paradise" under Saddam Hussein.

Yet now we have George W. Bush telling us all that we're making "progress" in Iraq, a progress he's "pleased" with. In a Sept. 15 speech to the National Guard Association in Las Vegas, Bush said, "Despite ongoing violence in Iraq...that country now has a strong prime minister, a national council and national elections are scheduled for January. The world is changing for the better."

Changing for the better? How? Does he think scores of car bombings equate a change for the better? Does he consider the deaths of 1,048 Americans a change for the better? Would the thousands of injured soldiers agree that we're making progress in Iraq? Is it progress that insurgents have taken control of cities like Fallujah? What about the thousands of dead Iraqi civilians? That's progress?

Bush and his supporters clearly consider the American public to be rubes, to be so fucking stupid that we all would just forget that the original mission in invading Iraq was to disarm Saddam of his WMDs? And then we changed the mission to removing a brutal dictator, and now the mission is to fight the terrorists. Osama Bin who? We don't care. We'll get the sons of bitches that attacked us...Eventually. In the meantime, we need to spend billions of dollars to ensure that Iraqis get quality medical care. Socialism, bad for America, good for Iraq.

What about the terrorists who attacked us on Sept. 11? Unless my memory is faulty, I don't recall that they hailed from Iraq. But no, Bush has to have his deadly snipe hunt in Iraq. A snipe hunt that has left scores of young men disabled, brain damaged, blind and paralyzed, their lives changed completely due to faulty intelligence that, as Colin Powell told the U.N. Security Council in Feb. 2003, was not assertion but fact. FACT. That mistake has resulted in the deaths of over 12,000 Iraqi civilians. You know, the people we were trying to free from a brutal regime.

How many more decapitations will it take for Bush to admit that our initial intelligence on Iraq WMDs was bad? How many more young men will have their limbs blown off before Bush admits there are no WMDs in Iraq? How many more families will be destroyed before Bush admits he has no idea where the WMDs are?

I guess Americans don't care what happens in Iraq as long as we're fat, dumb and happy, mesmerized by Dan Rather's "memogate" or the latest attack on John Kerry by the Swift Boat Vets. The Bush administration is counting on our complacency, that we will simply ignore what is happening in Iraq. So what if hundreds of billions of tax dollars are going to the reconstruction of Iraq? I can turn on the TV and catch the latest episode of The Apprentice. Ignorance is bliss, especially when your name is George W. Bush.


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