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Monday, August 23, 2004

Swift Boat Vets Self-Implosion Near Completion

I wonder what's going through John O'Neill's mind right now? I'll bet he never expected to wake up this morning with a message from President George W. Bush:

Stop the ads.

Pretty amazing. Bush so far has not distanced himself from the Swift boat vets, who have accused John Kerry of lying about his military record in Vietnam and the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby. Okay, that last bit is a lie.


When asked specifically whether the ads by the group "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" should be halted, Bush said: "All of them. That means that ad, every other ad. Absolutely."

"I can't be more plain about it," Bush said. "I hope my opponent joins me in condemning these activities of the 527s (political groups that sponsor to ads). I think they're bad for the system."

Bush was not as forceful in condemning the group as Kerry, John McCain and John Edwards had requested, but I think it's at least a step in the right direction.

I suspect the Swift boat vets will not stop their campaign of lies, backed by no evidence, against John Kerry. Another Swift boat liar, Van Odell, admitted on Fox News Sunday he had no evidence to support the claim that Kerry had fabricated reports in order to obtain the Bronze Star. (Note: here is something the Swift boat vets ignore completely: it was Jim Rassmann who put Kerry in for a Silver Star for rescuing him. The Navy decided to award a Bronze Star instead. Kerry had nothing to do with it).

Odell, again from MSNBC:

“I do not have a single document,” Van Odell said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I have the fact that I wasn’t wounded in that 5,000 meters of fire that he wrote about. ... There was no enemy fire from either bank.” He said he had seven eyewitness backing up his version of events. Other witnesses say there was enemy fire at the time Kerry made the rescue.

Larry Thurlow had no evidence of Kerry having a "master plan" and now we have Van Odell saying he had no proof, either, of Kerry's alleged duplicity.

In fact, not a single Swift boat vet has any tangible evidence of wrongdoing by John Kerry. On the other hand, John Kerry not only has eyewitness testimony to his version of events, but he also has U.S. Navy documentation to support his claims.

This should make for an interesting story as it develops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snooooooore. Who'd have guessed that the first election of the 21st century (no that wasn't 2000) would be centered on that burning issue of...the Vietnam War. Holy shit! That's the big thing facing our country right now? Vietnam?? Ugh!

9:41 PM  

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