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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Politics of Vietnam

I imagine the Bush campaign team is pretty happy with the fight between John Kerry and the Swift Boat Veterans for The Truth. As the Kerry and the Swift boat vets squabble over what happened some 35 years ago, George W. Bush is freed to campaign aggressively.

John Kerry has waited too long to respond to the Swift boat vets, but now that he has, it's shifted some of his attention away from George W. Bush, although yesterday, at Madison Square Garden, he did address the record of his opponent. The question remains, what will be the fallout of the Swfit boat vets campaign against Kerry?

Team Bush may feel some stings over the Swift boat vets and their connection to the Bush campaign. MSNBC reported today that Benjamin Ginsberg, a lawyer with the Bush team, was also counsel to the Swift boat vets. The Kerry campaign and other Democrats were quick to jump on this resignation, claiming further proof of a connection between Bush and the Swift boat vets.

Yes, I have defended John Kerry against the attacks by the Swift boat vets, and will continue to do so, but I also think Kerry is not doing enough to distance himself from the group. Allegations continue to fly back and forth, and Kerry is constantly on the defensive.

I'm hoping that Kerry can turn this around with the presidential debates in September and October. In that forum, he will be able to turn the discussion back to Bush's record, which is what should have been in the spotlight, not questions about Kerry's military service in 1969.


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