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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ignorance is Bliss: Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh

Last night on the Hannity and Colmes program, guest Ann Coulter demanded that John Kerry release his military records and tax records. Here's what she said:

Ann "dumb as a box of rocks" Coulter: ..."secondly, as with all of these disputes, how about Kerry won't release his records? He won't release his tax records. He won't release his records from the military, giving us a little more detail about his records and these alleged Purple Hearts. And now he won't allow the intelligence committee to release what meetings he went to."

Ann, I wonder if you've heard of "The Internet?" I'd hope so, as you have a web site on it. Now, if you had pointed your web browser to John Kerry's web site, you'd find Kerry's military records AND his tax records. Really! The links I provided will take you right to those very records you say he needs to release.

Even Rush Limbaugh has demanded the release of the already-released records. Here's a bit from the Internet-based, Rush Limbaugh web site:

"And that's not the only issue that reporters are curiously incurious about. At least one of Kerry's Purple Hearts has been challenged by his unit's medical officer, who notes that the wound was barely visible and was treated with a Band-Aid."

Note to Rush and other ignorant right-wingers: how many times do I need to repeat this? SEVERITY OF INJURY IS NOT THE CRITERIA FOR BEING AWARDED A PURPLE HEART! Jesus Christ, when will you people get a fucking clue and knock that bit of data into your thick skulls?

Sorry for that outburst. Back to Rush:

"Some questions should also be asked about his Silver Star: Should shooting a wounded, fleeing Viet Cong in the back — as justifiable as it was as an act of war — be worthy of the nation's third-highest award for courage?"

Here we have Limbaugh repeating the bullshit line the Swift Boat vets have fed America. Since Limbaugh hasn't bothered to actually look at the write-up for the Silver Star (it's at the Kerry web site! Really!), I'll have to do his work for him. You'll need the Adobe reader to view the documents. Here's a link to the actual Silver Star citation from the U.S. Navy. Oh, wait, here's another citation! Amazing how easy it is to find Kerry's unreleased military records. If he's been hiding them, he's done a fucking lousy job of it.

Back to Limbaugh's yammering:

"To those of you who say such questions are unseemly, consider that John Kerry's principal claim on the presidency is that he served four months and 11 days in Vietnam. OK, fine. Let's examine the records — all the records, which, unlike Bush and contrary to popular perception, Kerry has not released — and have a debate. We would be if it were George W. Bush. The media would see to it."

Right, Rush, Bush just jumped at the opportunity to release his records. And what did the so-called liberal media do with these records? Go over them with a fine-tooth comb? Nope, the liberal media did not analyze the records.

The crazy thing is, right-wingers everywhere are going to start demanding that Kerry release his military records. It's that whole we-don't-think-for-ourselves aspect of the conservative psyche.

Oh, and Kerry's wife has released her tax records. Just in case someone asks.


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