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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Etcetera For Thursday

The Smirking Chimp is running my column today. Even if you've read the column I recommend a visit to Smirky to read the other articles posted there.

What's In Scott's Head is about to celebrate its first anniversary. My experience with blogging has been a positive one, aside from the occasional bits of sewage thrown my way by right-wingers, who take me too seriously.

The fact is, an online persona does not necessarily match a real-world persona. For instance, in real life, I'm not political. I don't attend John Kerry rallies or events sponsored by the DNC. I don't discuss politics with family.

My goal as a writer is to both inform and, yes, entertain. What you read online is a sort of exaggerated version of how I really am. Is that dishonest? No, I don't think so. I think people like Ann Coulter act one way on television and in writing, and another when they're not in the spotlight. Look, my job as a writer is to get people to read what I've written. It doesn't matter if someone hates what I've written. I've done my job if I get someone to read a column and react, positively or negatively. My foes (yes, I have foes) seem to think I'm like this all of the time, which just isn't the case. Meet me in real life and chances are I will not bring up the subject of politics, unless the conversation heads in that direction. I don't listen to Air America and I try to avoid shows like Hannity and Colmes and The O'Reilly Factor. It's easier to deal with to just read the transcripts.

I'll be returning to my standard America-hating, Bush-bashing posts soon.


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