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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Time to make fun of right-wing message boards

Two of my favorite conservative message boards have forums dedicated to making fun of posters at the Democratic Underground. Right-wingers get a kick out of this activity. I'm not sure why. I think it has more to do with maintaining their superiority complexes. In order to feel superior, they have to pick on people that are not necessarily going to defend themselves. Nice trick.

The Right Society proved to be even more arrogant that the Conservative Underground, so I'm going to feature my own forum where I make fun of them.

Take this thread by hoax-poster Blue Ridge Vets. He says a lot of bullshit about me.

But read the reactions...they believe Blue Ridge Vets, and they don't realize that he's lying through his teeth. But since he's one of them, that's okay. I know there are some Navy vets at TRS. If they attempt to engage BRV in discussion about his "military" career, they'll get a response of...nothing. Or if they asked him even basic questions about the ship USS Blue Ridge, he will not respond. Because he never served on board that ship, nor in the military. Any military vet can figure BRV out in about two seconds, especially a Navy vet. See, BRV reveals his ignorance with every post. Take how he always mentions that I only made it to E-4. Any enlisted Navy vet who served within the last 20 years will be very familiar with the PNA system. BRV seems to think people in the Navy get automatic promotions. But that's just not true, and for certain rates, it's harder to get promoted.

BRV mocks what I did in the Navy, but had he really served aboard any ship, he would know how important SITE television is to the crew, especially when underway. And had he actually served on, say, Blue Ridge, he would have known about the popularity of the JO's office. It was there that we stored all of the movies we aired, and almost every night someone would stop by and ask to borrow a film. We weren't supposed to lend them out, but we did. And I know damn well that if I was running the board and a tape got stuck, within two minutes I would get a call asking about the movie/TV show being aired, and if I knew the show or movie wasn't being aired. The Blue Ridge crew depended on SITE television. And when the wives and families left behind in Yokosuka would record video messages for their husband or boyfriend, who was it that aired the tapes? The JOs did.

When I put the TV schedule together for the week, and distributed it to all the different messes, I never had any left. The chief's mess, first class mess and officer's mess, they all were happy to see that TV schedule.

So Blue Ridge Vet's story about me is just that...a story, written by someone with minimal experience with the military. And The Right Wing Society? They were duped, and believed it all. I think as a vet I'd be pretty offended that some bullshit artist was pretending to be a vet, when in reality he's just a wannabe.


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