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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Right-Wing Jerk Attacks Girl

I don't understand why conservatives scratch their heads and wonder why people think they're racist, or homophobes, or, in the case of California's Education Secretary Richard Riordan, a bullying jerk.

On July 1st, at the Santa Barbara Central Library where Riordan had made an appearance to promote a summer reading program, he was approached by a girl who said her name was Isis and wanted to know if Riordan knew what it meant.

Riordan, a Republican, of course, replied, "It means stupid, dirty girl."

I'm guessing the girl does not have white skin.

This was done with television cameras rolling. Riordan quickly issued a half-assed apology saying his statement to the girl was a "misunderstanding."

What? A misunderstanding? What kind of stupid excuse is that? What, there was some other child that Riordan was supposed to say was a "stupid, dirty girl"? People like Riordan who make spectacular asses of themselves like this always add to the apology that it was a "misunderstanding," instead of saying, "I don't know why I said what I said. I'm a stupid ass."

Governor Schwarzenegger issued a statement that the comments were "unacceptable in any context." But of course Schwarzenegger nullified his remarks by also saying Riordan "would never knowingly or intentionally upset a child. ... I know he deeply regrets having made these unfortunate remarks."

What kind of bullshit is this? Of course the remark was intentional. Right-wingers are always saying stupid shit that they have to apologize for, and then qualify the apology with stupid shit like "it was a misunderstanding."

President Inexperience Speaks Out

George W. Bush is speaking out against John Edwards, saying Edwards does not have enough experience to be vice president. What? Bush's only experience with politics was the five years he served as governor of Texas. Edwards served for six years in the United States Senate. By my calculations, Edwards has more political experience than Bush did when Bush ran for president. According to Newsday, "A feisty President Bush today curtly questioned the qualifications of Sen. John Edwards to be vice president, and the president predicted that the Republicans would again carry North Carolina and do well throughout the South in the presidential election. Asked by a reporter to compare Edwards, the freshman senator from North Carolina whom Sen. John F. Kerry picked a day earlier to be his running mate, to Vice President Dick Cheney, the president said: "Dick Cheney can be president. Next (question)."

I wonder how much contempt conservatives have for average Americans? How stupid do they think we are? Bush's resume isn't exactly a long list of accomplishments, and he and his supporters felt he had enough experience. Whatever. Americans seem to like the choice of Edwards as Kerry's running mate. A Gallup CNN/USA Today poll showed 64% of respondents as saying Edwards was an "excellent" or "pretty good" choice.

It should be a good race, especially come debate time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops, your presumption that the girl wasn't white and that a racial hate crime had taken place turns out to be flat out false. The girl is white. Man, doesn't it suck being wrong ALL THE TIME?

5:51 AM  

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