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Thursday, July 08, 2004

One Last Bit About Blue Ridge Vets

Lauri, the "mom on a mission" at The Right Society, criticized me in a post for not discussing politics at her board -- that it was just "me, me, me."

Yet when Blue Ridge Vets showed up, he wasn't talking politics, either. Not that his one-note subject was objected by anyone at The Right Society. Oh, no, they bought his bullshit hook, line and sinker. As Lauri herself said, in commending BRV on his investigative skills:

well, we didnt know a think about him till you showed up so, i guess give yourself a hand as do you keep tabs on this guy? cause we sure appreciate the heads up...

I love how right-wingers will believe anything another supposed right-winger says, and if it turns out what they're saying (or posting) is just lies, they ignore it. They wouldn't dare call one of their own a liar. Oh, no.

I wonder what The Right Society thinks of BRV's posting history at the Conservative Underground? Did he talk politics? Did he discuss his "tour" aboard USS Blue Ridge? Did he say what he did in the Navy? Did he give the dates he was stationed aboard Blue Ridge or the dates he was stationed at any other command? Nope. I'm sure some PMs have gone BRV's way, with those sorts of questions. And did BRV respond to those PMs? Not a chance.

Now, just look at his posting history at the Conservative Underground.

It's all about me. Nothing about him. Nothing about politics. No discussions on any subject. He does the sort of thing that he criticizes me for: shows up at a site, posts a few things, and then leaves, with no discussions about the things he posts. With one exception, at The Right Society, where he says, "Smif has had his ass handed to him perhaps like it's never been handed to him before. Well done, all of you."

Interesting thing to boast about, considering I wasn't allowed to participate in the discussion. How do you hand someone their ass in a discussion they are not a part of? That's like yelling at Sean Hannity while watching Hannity and Colmes and then applauding yourself for blasting his arguments.

Blue Ridge Vets has played The Right Society for suckers. I wonder how they feel about that?

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