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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Okay, I will Open The Hate Mail Bag

I decided to go ahead and display the latest hate mail so that I could address the issues raised in it.  After all, if my readers have concerns about the content here, I don't want to seem like I don't care

I'll put each point in italics and then add my comments.

Anyone who "asks" that readers send him "hate mail" is obviously a glutton for punishment or just plain demented. It is time to face a few facts here:

Or, the reason could be something as simple as having fodder to ridicule.

1. Despite what you claim, you are NOT a "journalist. Legitimate journalists do not conduct themselves like complete assholes on the internet as you do. You are just one of millions of "bloggers' world-wide who actually think their ridiculous postings mean anything.

So why read what I write?  If my "ridiculous postings" do not mean anything, why are you wasting your time with it? 

As far as my claiming to be a journalist...well, I've mentioned that I had been a military journalist, and right now I refer to myself as a columnist.  The fact that my columns have been read by thousands of people would seem to indicate that, aside from you, everyone else takes my writing seriously.

2. You are a consumate (sic) liar. I have perused many of your so-called "writings" and find them frought (sic) with inaccuracies, innuendo, and outright untruths.
Fine, prove it.  Name the columns, the errors in fact, and your source for the correct data, and I'll make the correction.  Although, if I were you, I'd make sure that your e-mail wasn't "frought" with typos and spelling errors before scolding me for problems with my own writing.  It'll help with your credibility.

3. You are a hate monger who viciously attacks those who disagree with you. Rather than stand and debate, you cut and run at every opportunity, much like the little boy that sticks his tongue out at an adult and quickly runs away.

Oh, that makes perfect sense.  You send me an e-mail, attack me, and then rather than stand and debate, you hide behind an anonymous re-mailing service, so I have no opportunity to respond directly.  There goes what's left of any credibility you might of had.

4. Your usenet antics preceed (sic) you.  Any prosepective (sic) employer who gets a hold of your Usenet nonsense will dismiss your writings in quick order.  I must admit, however, I do like the "dancing" photo of you on display at one of those conservative message boards.  It fits your writing style - always dancing around the issues.  You are indeed Scott, one big loser. So there you go, your hate mail for today.

#4 makes no sense at all.  Hey, slappy, you do realize that there is a difference in what I might post to message boards or Usenet, and what I write in my columns?  In any event, I hope you're not angling for a career in writing, because you need some experience in proofreading.

I present this as an example of a poorly-written piece of hate mail.  That's not an example to emulate, especially using anonymous e-mail services.  If you're going to write to me, have the guts to do so with a real e-mail address.  That way, I can respond directly.  It's how mature adults handle things.

I'll open the hate mail bag again soon...keep those letters coming!


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