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Thursday, July 22, 2004

I Was Interviewed About my Drudge Column!

As a writer of political columns, I'm never sure what kind of response the column will generate, and it's always interesting to read through the e-mail, especially when it's e-mail highly critical of me, or insulting.  I've put this message out before, but feel free to drop me a line -- especially if you hate what I write and what I stand for.  I need more hate mail!  Come on, folks, keep it coming.  Send in that hate mail!

Yesterday, an e-mail came in from a writer in the U.K., who wanted to interview me about my Drudge column.  We exchanged e-mail where I answered the questions, and now that story is out.  The reporter, Jemima Kiss, writes for a web site called "dot Journalism," and is not only a portal for U.K. based writers to find jobs in the media, but also a site with original news and features.  You can read Jemima's story here.

With the explosion in popularity of blogs, the World Wide Web is fast becoming an alternative news source.  Lots of writers are putting in many hours working on their stories and entries for blogs, and lots do not get paid for their efforts, but have a commitment to providing that alternative voice to the mainstream media.




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