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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

GOP Reaction to Kerry-Edwards Ticket

The Republican National Committee issued a press release today, following John Kerry's announcement of his running mate, John Edwards. And the RNC's response? Edwards is "unaccomplished and inexperienced."

Unaccomplished and inexperienced? That sounds like a former Texas governor. What the hell did Bush accomplish in Texas that made him a qualified presidential candidate? When he secured the Republican nomination, he had just as much political experience as John Edwards. And as we know from California, one need not have any political experience to be elected to the highest office. Right, Governor Schwarzenegger?

What exactly had Governor George W. Bush accomplished in Texas?

According to the Dec. 4, 1997 USA Today, some of Bush's accomplishments during his first term as governor were:

-- Increased state spending by billions of dollars;
-- Failed to pass legislation for school vouchers;
-- Did nothing to help improve the SAT scores of Texas students (Texas ranked #42 for SAT scores when the USA Today article came out);

Other accomplishments:
-- While governor, Texas had worst air pollution in nation;
-- Failed leadership in getting hate crime legislation passed;
-- Texas ranked #50 in spending on teacher sallaries;

And, of course, no foreign policy experience.

If George W. Bush's background and experience were enough to get him elected president, surely John Edwards is just as qualified, if not more so, to be vice president.


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