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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Gern: You Cannot Handle The Truth!

Gern's all pissed now at me for my recent entry about his obsession with me posting at CU.

Okay, Gern, since you read this:

Several weeks ago, Rob Crook and I agreed that I would not post at his site, and his agreement was copyrighted entries from this site wouldn't be reproduced at CU. An agreement he's broken, unfortunately.

Here's the deal. I posted as scottcsmith and was banned. I invented a couple of stupid trolls and Rob Crook had enough of my disruption He posted this message which didn't mention me by name, but was directed at me.

So I wrote Rob on June 6 and told him I would not post at his site, as long as he kept my copyrighted material from being reproduced at CU. I did not post that agreement here, which was an e-mail from me to Rob.

Ah, but ole' Gernie is still convinced I'm lying. He's very sure of it here, and again here.

So Gern, if you really are just itching to comment, go to my other blog and comment to your heart's content.


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