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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Fun At the Conservative Underground

Oh, this is so rich, I just cannot pass it up.

I'm going to admit to something which my right-wing audience probably will not believe: a while back, I made an agreement with Rob Crook over at the Conservative Underground that I would stop posting at his site, and I've kept that promise. Sure, I read CU, but have not posted there since...well, I don't remember, maybe since the end of May, in any incarnation. There's this guy at CU, named Gern Blansten, who continues to insist that I'm posting at CU as a "troll," which is message-board speak for a phony poster, someone who invents a persona with the goal of disruption.

But here's the relevant thread, and Gern's posts are contained within, on the second page of threads. He sure thinks it's me. "Go ahead and try, scottie, I'll finger you again in a heartbeat."

HA! Great detection skills, Gernie.


He plauges you over at rightsociety as well, but he's been banned from here and this is his third pathetic attempt at trying to adopt a conservative persona and post on CU.

I out him each and every time. As I said, he's an amateur.

Or this:

Trust me on this one, JC. There's a history here between this idiot and myself long before you showed up, and that's not meant to be a slight on my part towards you.

I can smell a troll a mile away. Especially this particular one.

Ooh, my sides are aching. Great job with sniffing me out, Gernie.


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