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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Fair and Balanced Coverage of the Convention

Before I start, my latest column is up at Smirking Chimp.  It's about Mansoor Ijaz, the man who claims to have brokered a deal to have Osama Bin Laden transferred to the United States from Sudan, as Sean Hannity puts it, "on a silver platter."  The 9/11 Commission's final report  says no offer was ever made by Sudan as Ijaz has claimed, and in fact Ijaz himself is not even mentioned in the report, he's only an end note.  I'm not sure the facts will stop Sean Hannity from repeating his mantra that Bill Clinton was offered Osama Bin Laden "on a silver platter."

Now, on to the Democratic National Convention.  If you want to see just how biased and to the right Fox News is, watch their coverage of the convention.  After a few minutes you'll realize that the Fox people do not want to be there.  And as they chatter and offer "analysis" they'll also throw in jabs against John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and all of the other speakers at the convention.  For instance, last night Brit Hume showed photographs of John Kerry at Cape Canaveral where Kerry had donned attire worn by some workers there.  And Hume's panel had a good chuckle over those photographs.  Why were they shown?  To make John Kerry look stupid.  Remember the infamous photograph of Michael Dukakis in a tank from the '88 campaign?  Same idea.

Also, the Fox people have been using the phrase "red meat," which I guess was probably suggested by the GOP or in one of the famous Fox News memos.  I didn't catch the context but it seemed to have something to do with attacks against George W. Bush.  Perhaps more informed viewers can let me know what the Fox team means when it makes a reference to "red meat."

Another thing to watch for in Fox's coverage are the reaction shots to people in the audience.  This will happen during a speech.  Now, count the number of times the reaction shot is of a smartly dressed man or woman, and count the number of times the reaction shot is of someone dressed funny, or wearing a goofy hat.  It will not take long to see that the reaction shots of the people in goofy hats outnumbers the shots of "normal" looking folks in suits. 

The coverage of the convention by Fox is completely biased.  They report, and they decide.


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