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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Editorializing, Fox News style

One of the revelations in the excellent documentary Outfoxed (will you people just go and buy a copy?  Now?  I'll wait.  Go on.  Get it before everyone involved is sued).
Okay.  Everyone's placed their orders?  Good. 
One of the interesting tidbits in Outfoxed is how Fox News uses specific language that allows them to editorialize without sounding like they are editorializing.
The magic phrase is:
Some people say...
That's the key!  Or a variant of that phrase.  That way, if you write an article about George W. Bush, you can say things like:
Some people say George W. Bush is dumber than a bag of cow shit.
I've heard some people say that George W. Bush couldn't find his ass with a mirror and a flashlight.
Or use it against your favorite Fox commentators:
Some people say Alan Colmes has his head so far up Sean Hannity's ass, that when Sean opens his mouth, you can see the top of Alan's head.
Some people would say that Bill O'Reilly is full of shit.  Pure, pungent, shit.
Some people say that if Sean Hannity had his head any further up George W. Bush's ass, Sean could do a colonoscopy without the scope.
See?  It's fun.  And it absolves the writer of having to use things like "sources" in writing a story.
Take that, fact checking!


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