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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Terrorists Love Michael Moore

Right-wingers, in their desperate attempts to discredit Michael Moore, have latched onto a story about how a terrorist group wants to distribute Moore's film in the Middle East. It's a cheap bit of sensationalism, trying to associate Moore with a terrorist group, and it's a cheap shot.

Move America Forward is also claiming that the movie is getting an "icy" reception and is down to 417 theaters showing the film. This, Move America Forward believes, shows how the film is going to go down in flames.

Remember Bowling For Columbine? It was initially released in just eight theaters. In its opening week -- in just those eight theaters -- the film grossed $209,148. The average per theater (and remember, there was just eight) was a staggering $26,144.

The box office numbers speak for themselves:

Sixth week, in 248 theaters, the film grossed nearly $8.8 million dollars, earning nearly $5,094 per theater.

In 30 weeks, the film never played in more than 248 theaters, yet managed to earn a total of $21.2 million dollars.

So, even if Fahrenheit 9-11 opens in just 400 theaters, it's bound to gross a ton of money, if Bowling For Columbine is any indicator.

It's also likely that the efforts of Move America Forward will send people to the movie, to see what all of the fuss is about.

So, if you go based on MAF's propaganda, I'll bet they'd love to hear from you. Here's their e-mail address.


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