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Saturday, June 19, 2004

My New Home (for now)

My main web site, What's In Scott's Head, has been down all day. My hosting company is apparently having big issues with their hosting servers. I wanted to have a blog with a comments section, so here it is. I'll be re-publishing stuff from my web site, so this site will be a mirror to the main site.

Kind of a slow news week, too, although there was one pretty big story, the admission by Herr Komandant Rusfeld that the United States had held an Iraqi prisoner for seven months without notifying the Red Cross, in violation of the Geneva Convention. But, as Rumsfeld told reporters, the man was "treated humanely." Phew! What a relief. It's a good thing we treat prisoners humanely when we violate their rights. Otherwise we'd be no different than, say, Iraq was under Saddam Hussein's rule. And then the human rights groups would start issuing reports on our violations of human rights. Good thing we haven't violated human rights. Oh, wait, we have. Darn. The group Human Rights First has issued a report detailing numerous human rights violations committed by George "Saddam in Spirit" Bush and his administration. Another group, Human Rights Watch, has also released a report on human rights violations comitted against prisoners of war in Iraq and elsewhere.

Some example we're setting for the world. Our leaders pick and choose which treaties to follow, such as the Geneva Convention. Need to get around those agreements? Call a prisoner of war an enemy combatant! Very clever. At the rate we're going, we'll be emulating Musolini-era Italy in no time flat.

Bush Press Conference Tools

I had suggested in a previous post that George W. Bush should issue Magic 8-Balls to reporters at press conferences, since Bush always answers each question the same way. But I've had a brainstorm: why not use a super-intelligent chicken? Here's how it would work. At a press conference, the chicken would be brought out. It would be in a cage with two push buttons: YES and NO. A reporter would ask a question, and the chicken would peck out the answer.

REPORTER: Mr. President, do you have an update on the Plame investigation?

See? Not only would it provide the same quality answers as a normal Bush event, but there'd be the added bonus of a super-intelligent chicken. And, frankly, given a choice, I'd rather see a super-intelligent chicken than George W. Bush.


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